Saturday, 28 February 2009

I have nothing to declare but my genius.

Isn't interesting what was seen as frightening and horrific, or just plain obscene even just 20 years ago, is now seen as perfectly usual. I am thinking film wise rather than about Space Invaders but I think the picture illustrates my point perfectly. :)

I found a very interesting book today, a book of the poem "Killing Time" by Simon Armitage. Very good poem. In English we did a poem by him called "Hitcher that was very good as well, although I do prefer "Killing Time"... It's a very interesting poem - so absorbing. Speaking of books, I've almost finished Angels & Demons. Very interesting. ^_^

And for the general cute vote, here is a merecat from Berlin zoo, enjoy!

Thursday, 19 February 2009


Whilst I was randomly on the internet, I found this truly awesome poem, all I have to say really :):


the illusion is that you are simply
reading this poem.
the reality is that this is
more than a
this is a beggar's knife.
this is a tulip.
this is a soldier marching
through Madrid.
this is you on your
death bed.
this is Li Po laughing
this is not a god-damned
this is a horse asleep.
a butterfly in
your brain.
this is the devil's
you are not reading this
on a page.
the page is reading
feel it?
it's like a cobra. it's a hungry eagle circling the room.

this is not a poem. poems are dull,
they make you sleep.

these words force you
to a new

you have been blessed, you have been pushed into a
blinding area of

the elephant dreams
with you
the curve of space
bends and

you can die now.
you can die now as
people were meant to
hearing the music,
being the music,

Charles Bukowski

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Praying To A God That I Don't Believe In

This I wrote whilst trying to write an essay on Charles Dickens' Hard Times - you could say I had a Hard Time writing it! (**TUMBLEWEED** **SOMEONE COUGHS**) Anyway, it's not just trying to write an essay it's also about writer's block and generally not being able to think of an idea. It's not to great but I felt I should put it down. :)

Writer's Block

Another cup of coffee
That annoying tapping in the background...CAN SOMEONE TURN OFF THE RADIO??
Words trying to escape from my hand... Masses of scribbling across the page.
Every sound is a DISTRACTING EXPLOSION to my ears.
The computer and television are so inviting - MUST WRITE.
Don't break my concentration.
A dull book laying in front of me too hard to read.
Praying to a God I don't believe in, help me come up with an idea -
I'll never doubt your existence again.

The written motorway congests a fool.

Well it has been some time.
I've just sent off a story for a short story competition. Wish me luck!
In the mean time, here is a poem:

Skeletons In A Forest

Skeletal trees upon a walkway.
The rain hits their leaves into surrender,
Thunder from a distance.
Footsteps from beneath.
The grey sky above me -
Walking in a sea of leaves.

My thoughts will never leave my mind,
their mine to keep inside.
Books in my bag bang against my knees,
As I remember long lost times.
Music drumming in my ears,
The soundtrack to my life.