Saturday, 7 February 2009

Praying To A God That I Don't Believe In

This I wrote whilst trying to write an essay on Charles Dickens' Hard Times - you could say I had a Hard Time writing it! (**TUMBLEWEED** **SOMEONE COUGHS**) Anyway, it's not just trying to write an essay it's also about writer's block and generally not being able to think of an idea. It's not to great but I felt I should put it down. :)

Writer's Block

Another cup of coffee
That annoying tapping in the background...CAN SOMEONE TURN OFF THE RADIO??
Words trying to escape from my hand... Masses of scribbling across the page.
Every sound is a DISTRACTING EXPLOSION to my ears.
The computer and television are so inviting - MUST WRITE.
Don't break my concentration.
A dull book laying in front of me too hard to read.
Praying to a God I don't believe in, help me come up with an idea -
I'll never doubt your existence again.


The Weaver of Grass said...

I did Hard Times at college and I have to agree with you - I am afraid I hated it. I think you either like Dickens or hate him (the latter for me i am ashamed to say). I found it slightly easier if I read it as a kind of social history (which with Dickens it often was) - and also of course in this instance he is really getting at the processes of law. Good luck with the essay! And love xx

Eclipse said...

I've finally finished the essay! I had to write about how he attacks the education system in Hard Times...

I've read a Christmas Carol and enjoyed that... I just haven't enjoyed anything else I've tried... xxx

Dominic Rivron said...

This reminded me, I read a really good tactic for stimulating poetic ideas. Take a line from a poem you like. Don't nick it - just see if you can come up with lines of your own that spring from it.