Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Lost In Time

Has returned to my blog after a lengthy absence, under a sudden realisation that there are very few places were I can show my writing for free! :)

A poem about someone who has broken up with someone.

Lost It Time

The pain never really goes away,
you just pretend it does and act normal.
It gets a little better, a little easier,
but it is always there.
You do everything you can to forget,
and force yourself to act normal,
Go to college, go to work, get home,
anything to make it seem like nothing happened.
A lot of people try to get involved and they worry about you,
So there's one option – just shut them out,
you don't call them, text them, visit them,
and nearly all of them disappear,
But a couple do stay,
You only see them at work, or college,
but they do stay.
They give up trying to spend time with you after a while,
They just write you off as anti-social,
Provided you fool them and yourself.

You find yourself at home,
You're watching the latest of whatever television drama,
It does make you forget for a little while,
But none of that matters,
You are still haunted by it, even when you think you're not,
It returns that moment just before you sleep,
or that moment when you can't sleep.
Or maybe you're just sat on the bus and staring out the window,
You see that café were you first met and you remember it,
Their face and their smile comes to your mind,
it's all because they did something stupid one day,
A really stupid thing, that the never should have done,
one day they smiled and said: “Hello”.

Then everything you see reminds you of them,
Someone passes you, wearing a scarf that looks like her's,
You see a sequel for a film that they loved,
A book by their favourite writer,
You don't mention this to anyone, don't talk about how you feel,
You convince them you're strong which is all that matters.
You pretend you're not hurt and say you're over it,
Repeat to yourself over and over again that you will meet someone,
Someone who will make you forget about her,
Not forget – forget is the wrong word,
You loved her but that doesn't mean you can't move on,
Even though you can't admit that to yourself,
Because if you do, you'd have to accept that she's gone.

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Dominic Rivron said...

We all wonder if what goes on in other people's heads is anything like what goes on in our own. Sometimes a piece of writing confirms your suspicion that people, by and large, think and feel in much the same way as each other. This is one such piece. It deals with feelings and thoughts that most of us suffer, have suffered, or will suffer sometime. It is reassuring to anyone feeling like this to know that other people have read the book, seen the film and got the T shirt.