Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Films & Animation

So lately I've been rather interested in animation, film-making and, of course, play-writing. There is one main culprit for the film-making ambition, the genius director that is more commonly known as Tim Burton. Watch the following video and you may see why, or not. Everyone is inspired by different things, maybe this only inspires me!

Unfortunately, I haven't had much practice in writing plays and it is definately not my strength in writing - whenever I try, I always get a little carried away with the stage directions... Or think up a new idea for poem or short story. This is a bit of a problem as I am incredibly interested in film-making. However; I think the main problem is I was never really shown how to write plays. Well, I was - but more emphasis was put upon stories and poems... Maybe if plays had been involved... I might find it easier.

Although, I think I really should be actually doing something about this thirst for film-making... As everytime I see a film by an amazing director... (TB, Stephen Spielberg and some other J-Horror directors that I don't think I shall post the videos of as the majority are rather, for lack of a better word, gory.) the desire to make a film is even stronger. I should probably spend more time writing plays and so on ... Perhaps then I shall learn the ways of film-making!


The Weaver of Grass said...

I love the simplicity of the cat - I think in this kind of film (the same applies to cartoon drawing of any kind) the fewer lines the artist uses to make the image the more effective it is, don't you agree?

Dominic Rivron said...

Interesting. Good to see that short film again. I can't say who -it's a while since I read any drama- but I think you'll find a lot of good dramatists do go to town on stage directions. There's a limit of course, but in itself it's not a bad thing.

Eclipse said...

I do very much agree that in animation, simplicity always works best. I agree that it is more effective.

Hmmm... I've only read Oscar Wilde's really, I guess there's not too much stage directions there. Oh, apart from one we read in English - but there where very little stage directions. I need to discover some more clearly.