Wednesday, 26 November 2008

We all know that our time in this world is limited, and that eventually all of us will end up underneath some sheet, never to wake up.

Short story, about someone who attempts to kill someone - because other wise another psycho will kill his one true love. Basically a tale of pain, heartbreak and death. Read if you wish for more detail.

I crept behind him - a gun in my hands and trembling. He just stood there - he did not notice my presence... He was completely oblivious. Surely it would be cowardly to shoot him from behind? Easier definately, but would that not make me a coward? Not able to even face the man whose life I was about to end? I waited too long. He turned around, that ever so frighteningly, familiar feeling of being watched. He looked at me with the ultimate distaste - either not noticing the fact I had a gun in my hand... Or not caring. Possibly he thought I wasn't going to use it... But I had to. I had to. To save my dear Beatrice. That evil, evil - sick... Words cannot describe that man. If I don't kill this poor innocent man in front of me, that monster will kill my... My dear. My love. My Beatrice.

The man in front of me spoke at last, a mocking edge to his voice. "Think you can kill someone? Think you've got... What it takes?" He chuckled. His voice was menacing, and despite how quietly he spoke - I heard every word. His voice was low, wheezing and had a tone to it that made it seem like he was telling a joke with a cruel, sick punchline. My fear must have shown in my eyes. Or he could probably hear my heartbeat - It provided the perfect percussion to this situation and I was certain it filled the whole room.

"I - I can! I - have... I have to!!" I stammered, my fingers slowly pulling the trigger. I had to - I had to! Beatrice couldn't die, because of me? Even though she never wanted to see me again, she hated me. I still love her with all my heart, I would never love anyone as much as her. I don't care if I never see her ever again... As long as she is happy.

"KILL ME!!" the man in front of me bellowed. My train of thought stopped at that very moment. Could he have possibly have just said... What I think he said?

"I- I'm... I'm sorry?" I said not quite believing this. I was terrified. He had an insane look in his eyes... I was starting to doubt the sanity of this man. Barely a minute ago he seemed, calm collected... How...?

"You heard me. KILL ME!!! I've been waiting for him to do it for a long time... Clearly he couldn't do it himself, so sent a gormless idiot to do his dirty work for him! No doubt he has some family member held hostage? Maybe I should do it myself... You are clearly not capable and it would save him the bother." He grinned, I couldn't quite believe he was talking about his life in this manner... Could he possibly mean what I think he means?

"I - I - I... I can't!" I yelled my face wet with tears. I threw my gun to the floor and stood there helplessly. Staring at the frustrated man in front of me. He gave me a strange look... Was it pity? No. It wasn't... He bent down and picked up the gun, in a most casual manner. He put the gun to his head.

"Do you really want to see this? I'd leave whilst you can." He smirked. How could he speak of his own life this way? How? Surely his own life meant more to him than this?

"NO!!!" I yelled. Not quite believing my own ears. He couldn't! He didn't have to die! Why did I do this? I should have save Beatrice... I shouldn't have even come here. He merely laughed at my reaction.

"C'est la vie." he whispered. What happened next was so... Terrible, life-scaring and painful to watch that I can't describe it in words. It is useless for me to describe what happened when you simply cannot imagine it - unless you have been in that situation. Which I very much hope you haven't.

I wanted to stop him, but I couldn't I just froze. I couldn't move. I just stared, trembling like a fool. Unable to take in what just happened. My entire body was wet with sweat and tears. Then I realised how I could save Beatrice... Perhaps this was a blessing in disguise... I wouldn't have to kill anyone.

I ran out of the room, down the stairs of the office block - banging into many people but didn't have time to apologise. I ran through the doors, past cars - past people, through crowds. Not stopping, a stitch growing in my side. Not stopping. A car speeding towards me. Not stopping. Nothing could stop me. I had to save her. I kept running. My lungs felt like they where going to implode, which was a good reason to stop - but the one I love was in danger... Which was a better reason to not.

I finally got there. I didn't take in my surroundings - I just ran at the door. Ran through the warehouse. When I saw her Beatrice... Lying there - covered in blood... Lifeless. I skidded across the floor and looked at her not wanting to believe it... No... No... Not... She can't be? No... He said - I had to kill that man. The man was dead. Surely, he would have spared her. Tears of raged ran from my eyes, I screamed in pain and anguish. Not wanting to believe it... When I saw it in the corner of my eye - smeared on the wall in her blood the words "too late".

I screamed louder, tears running down my face. I held onto Beatrice, even though I knew she was dead. She was my life, I lived through her. I breathed her breath. Without her I was nothing, I would never let her go. I held her body close to mine, rocking her gently. I shall never let her go. Ever. Together in life, together in death.


The Weaver of Grass said...

Wow! I must say, Eclipse, this short story tripped me fro beginning to end.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Sorry, should read "gripped" but don't know how to change it.

Eclipse said...

Thank you very much! :D

Dominic said...

Gripping. Once you start reading this you have to finish it! Do I detect the influence of old Edgar (Allan Poe)? A sort of modern take on the sort of thing he'd do?


Dominic said...

Gripping. Once you start reading this you have to finish it! Do I detect the influence of old Edgar (Allan Poe)? A sort of modern take on the sort of thing he'd do?


Dominic Rivron said...

How did I manage to leave the same message twice?

Eclipse said...

Why thank you! Yes it is rather Edgar-Inspired... If you like. :)

ALso - absolutely no idea!!