Friday, 28 November 2008

There's been a grave misunderstanding...

Short story that is yet to have a name.

Sometimes you do things you regret, you probably know this is inevitable. But it doesn't help you wishing you could go back in time and change the events that unfolded. You sometimes think, as I do at times, whether crimes you did in your past where necessary. As I do, daily. You know it was inevitable and there was no other way round it... But you still wonder whether there was in fact - anyway around it. I always think back to that memorable day back in December... Was it entirely necessary? I say to myself. Did I have no other choice? Of course the answer is no, there wasn't. It was an event that changed my life certainly... For the worst, some would say, but... It was definitely necessary.

Let me take you back... 10 years ago, I was a young - in my prime some might say. Some might also say... I was "unhinged", "mad", or "not all there". However they where (and are)all entirely wrong. I am and was and always will be perfectly sane. I just knew what was going on around me. If the majority's definition of "sane" is what they say it is then it is clearly a synonym for "naive".

10 years ago, in the bleak month of December. It was a cold winter and the year was reaching it's death... I was out wandering, as I used to always do, wandering through the dark, misty London streets around the time of midnight when I saw him. A man... He was looking at me... Laughing at me. That was what made me do it. That man's laugh... They say I'm mad you see, they say he probably wasn't laughing at me but I know better. I know so much better. He laughed and started walking, and I am proud to say that I followed him. Keeping in the shadows at all time of course, remaining unseen at all times. At every moment. Stalking him through the dark, repetitive streets. Never once realising what was to be his fate. I am proud of what I did. I would do it again... He was not the first one I killed and he shall certainly not be the last.

When he eventually made it home, I reached my first obstacle... How on earth was I going to get into his house... But of course he answered this one for me. The stupid, stupid man... Left the door unlocked. Maybe if he'd have locked the door - no, I don't think I would have been deterred by a locked door.

So as I followed his steps, I reached into my inside pocket - and stroked the beautiful blade of Mary Ann. My saviour. My dear... I slowly made my way up the steps of which this man happily skipped upon. That also made me realise I had to rid this man from the earth - only joyful people skip. There is no room for them in my world. So as I slowly wandered into his room and suddenly - he saw me. The fear, terror and confusion in his face are my comfort to this day. He was trembling, call himself a man. He should have thought surely. He only stuttered a few last words:

"Who are you?" he finally managed to speak. I merely grinned but waited for me to take his life with my dear knife, my dear Mary Ann before speaking.

"Death." I whispered and chuckled at my own joke.

He was not the first man I killed and he certainly shall not be the last - I am proud of what I did. The only reason I think whether it was necessary is because it landed me in this prison. The put me in prison for ridding the world of it's evil. For taking the life of people who do not have the right to live? How do they have the right to do such things? What I was doing was not a sin. I should not have to be around such low-life criminals. I am clearly much more intelligent than them, I am a genius. I managed to kill twelve times before I was caught. Some of these barely managed once... I shouldn't be here. & I shall not be here much longer. That I can promise.

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Dominic Rivron said...

More Poe-like delving into the dark depths of the human psyche. You definitely take the reader out his/her comfort zone.